ASINspector is software that helps you conduct product research for your e-commerce business. With ASINspector Standard or Pro, you can extract large amounts of product data from Amazon in moments rather than manually searching through pages and pages of products! In the business of arbitrage, choosing products that will bring a high return on your investment is key. ASINspector makes it easy to review and filter product information like customer ratings, estimated monthly revenue, and associated fees so you can select the right products for your business.

Quick Facts

- ASINspector software is a Chrome extension, which means that it is installed into and accessed from your Chrome browser.

- ASINspector displays data that it has retrieved from Amazon search results pages.

- The software will return data regarding Amazon products on Amazon or identical items on competitors' sites. 

- ASINspector is meant to help you with product research, so it does not connect to online selling platforms. This means that it can be useful for anyone doing arbitrage, regardless of where you sell online!

- ASINspector is super customizable, so you can choose to view whichever data points are relevant to your business. There are 60+ data points to choose from, such as number of sellers, Buy Box price, weight, break-even cost and many more.