Once you've purchased a license for your ASINspector software, follow these steps to install it. Then you'll be all set to do some serious market research!

(The installation process is the same for users of both ASINspector Standard and Pro)

Step 1 - Open Chrome

Open your Google Chrome browser.

(Don't have Google Chrome? You will need Google Chrome to install and use ASINspector! But don't worry. It's free and easy to install. Follow this link, click 'Download Chrome' and then follow the prompts.)

Step 2 - Install Chrome extension

Click on the following link to find our software product in the Google store. 

>> Go to ASINspector

>> Go to ASINspector Pro

Next, click the 'Add to Chrome' button at the top of the page and then follow the prompts.

You should now see the ASINspector (silver) or ASINspector Pro (gold) icon in the top right corner of the window. (You will see only one icon.)

Step 3 - Authenticate 

To continue the installation process, you must open ASINspector. 

1. Go to Amazon and search for any product. It doesn't matter what you search for. Once Amazon has returned your search results, click on the Chrome extension button. 

This will open ASINspector and you will see the following message.

2. Click either the Google Sign In or the Facebook Sign In and then enter the credentials related to your Google Account or your personal Facebook account. This must be done in order to authenticate yourself as the sole user of the software. (If you do not have a Facebook account already, you will need to create one in order to authenticate yourself.)

You will receive a confirmation message Click 'close this tab'.

Step 4 - Activate License

After closing the confirmation message, you will be prompted to enter your product license code in order to activate your new license. The code is a long series of letters and numbers that you would have received in an email from info@asinspector.com. 

Enter your license code, click submit and you will be finished the installation process!

Can't find your license activation code? Let us help >> FAQ - How do I find my license code?