First, let's open ASINspector Pro!

To open ASINspector Pro, you must first do an Amazon search for a product. Once you get to the page showing all search results, click the ASINspector Pro icon in your toolbar. 

This will open up ASINspector Pro in a new tab.

Note: If you click on a single product and go to its product page, then click the icon, ASINspector will only provide results for that product.

The Visual Tour

Now that you have ASINspector open, let's look around so that you know where to find the data and features that you need. Also, please note that you may have to scroll down or to the right to see all available data.

The Dashboard

At the top of your screen, the dashboard displays general statistics about the products in your search. 

Number of products found, average rank, BB price, average number of reviews, average rating

Beside the Dashboard, you can find these important buttons! The filter feature can help you filter your search results (See How to filter your results). You can also change your preferences in Settings and access extra training videos by clicking Training. 

Product Data Table

Below the Dashboard, the Product Data Table presents all the data extrapolated from your Amazon search results page. This section will introduce you to the data points that are displayed by default in the product data table. However, keep in mind that you can customize this table to suit your needs. (See How to Customize)

- Item number

This represents where the product is listed on the Amazon search results page.

Click the item number to select the product for bulk actions.

- Product name

Hover over the name to see an image of the product.

Click the name to open the Amazon product page in a new tab.

- Brand 

- Category

This shows the broad category under which the product is listed.

Hover over the category to see a list of all specific categories that the product is listed as.

- Rank

- Est. sales (month)

The estimated quantity of sales per month (calculated by ASINspector based on product info).

- Est. revenue (month)

The estimated revenue (from the above sales) per month.

- # of Reviews

The total number of customer reviews for this product.

- Rating 

The average customer rating out of 5 stars.

- BB seller 

The seller who is currently on the *Buy Box for this product.

*The Buy Box is where a customer can click to purchase an item instantly. The Buy Box spot is filled by only one seller at a time and all sales made through the quick sale option will automatically go to this seller.

- Product Image

Hold your mouse over this picture to see a larger version of the image

- Lowest Price (New) 

- FBA fees 

The total amount in Fulfillment by Amazon fees per product. This number is the product of multiple small fees. 

Hover over the the FBA fees amount to see the multiple smaller fees that make up this total.

- Weight (Kg)

- Offers

            The total number of sellers offering this product for sale, allowing you to see at a glance, how much competition                 there is for this product.

- Actions 

Action buttons that can help you find more information about the product in that row. Details below. 

But there's more!

The data points listed above are not the only ones available to you! In fact, there are many more categories of data that you can choose to see when you customize your results page in Settings. ((See How to Customize) For example, you could choose not to display Category or Weight (kg) columns. You could also opt to show other available data points, like BB Price or Number of Sellers.

Bottom Toolbar

At the bottom of the page, you will find...

- Resources

These buttons link you to helpful resources. You can connect with other ASINspector users, contact customer support, or access further training. 

- Global Actions

The icons in the bottom toolbar can help you perform various actions (not specific to a single row/product). Details below. 

- Check for updates

Hold your mouse over the megaphone icon for information on the most current version of ASINspector Pro, including bug fixes and new features.

- Set how many pages of search results to load

Click the left/right arrows or type the number of pages you'd like ASINspector to load.

- What's New!?

            As you can see from our updates, we're continuously improving the application with speed, data, features and                 more!

Additional Tools

ASINspector Pro provides you with the Chrome extension introduced above plus two additional tools!

The mobile UPC bar code scanner 

Once you have set up the UPC scanner on your phone, you can capture and save the UPC bar codes of physical products that you are interested in. When you are ready to search these items, they can simply be uploaded into ASINspector! (See How to use the mobile UPC barcode scanner)

The Amazon product page analyzer and profit calculator

You will find this handy tool when you go to an item's product page. Here you can see the product's price, cost, associated fees, and other relevant stats at a glance.