ASINspector is here to make market research easy and convenient for you, so we've made it simple to customize your searches! Here are some easy ways to set up ASINspector to suit your needs.

In this article, we will cover how to...

  1. Customize the product data table
  2. Rearrange and resize columns
  3. Load more than one Amazon page
  4. Change order of products (sorting)
  5. Make text bigger

Customize the Product Data Table

1. First, go to Settings. 

ASINspector Standard --> Click on the gear icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

ASINspector Pro --> Click on the gear icon at the top right hand corner of the screen

2. Next, simply turn on the features or data points that you would like to use. 

To turn on "Show ASIN", for example, click the right side of the toggle button. To turn a feature off, click the left side of the button so that it turns grey. 

*Standard version looks the same, but with less options

All of the options listed in ASINspector Pro Settings (as seen above) will appear in the product data table as columns containing data, except the top two options

- "Show on page analytics" will turn on the feature which displays data on Amazon product pages. 

- "Show sponsored links" will prompt ASINspector Pro to include sponsored products from the search results page. If this feature is turned off, data related to these products will not be displayed. 

Rearrange and resize columns

(*only in ASINspector Pro)

Change the order of columns in your product data table by clicking the column heading and dragging it left or right.

To change column width, hold your mouse over the edge of the column and then, when the double-headed arrow appears, drag the column edge left or right. 

Image result for double headed arrow

Load more than one Amazon page

Load more products

If you have just done a product search and want to see additional results, simply click the + icon in the bottom toolbar.

Change default number of pages to load

You can also change the default number of Amazon search results pages you'd like to load each time you open ASINspector. 

ASINspector Standard --> Go to Settings (gear icon at the bottom right corner of screen -- see previous section), scroll down to the very bottom, and choose the number of pages you want to load as a default.

ASINspector Pro --> Go to the right side of the bottom toolbar and click the arrows left or right to increase or decrease the number.

Change order of products (Sorting)

Sorting products allows you to change the order in which your results are listed. It is not the same as filtering, which shows more or less products according to certain parameters. 

By default, products are listed in the order that they appear on Amazon's search results page:

If you want to see products listed according to the data in a certain column, click the heading of that column. 

For example, if you want to see products listed from the highest ranked to the lowest ranked, click on the heading, Rank. Your products will now be sorted by rank in ascending numerical order. If you want to list products in the opposite order, simply click the heading again and it will change to descending order.

For columns that contain words rather than numbers, you can sort them according to alphabetical order. An example of this could be sorting by brand or product name.

Make text bigger

To increase or decrease the size of the text in the product data table, click the relevant icon. They can be found in the center of the bottom toolbar.