The reverse search function allows you to use ASINspector to gather data from online marketplaces other than Amazon. You can search for products on large online retail sites (Walmart, eBay, or similar sites), find out which ones are also available on Amazon, and data mine those products using ASINspector!

How to reverse search products

First, search for a product on a large online retail site. 

Once you're at the search results page, click the ASINspector Pro icon.

ASINspector will first analyze whether or not any products from your search can be found on Amazon. It is normal for this process to take a minute. 

The results of this analysis will then be displayed (see below). The bottom line will tell you if there are any products on that retailer's site that can also be found on Amazon. 

If the the bottom line says "0 had an exact match on Amazon", ASINspector will not be able to show you any data on the products from the search results page. 

If there are one or more exact matches on Amazon, ASINspector will pull the data for these products and present them in the product data table.