If you have a large amount of ASINs and want to search for data on these products, you can import ASINs in bulk. (For more than 500 ASINs, we recommend using the Amazon Done For You tool)

1. Click on the note pad and pencil icon to open the import ASINs tool.

2. When a pop-up window opens, you can either (A) upload a file containing the list of ASINs or (B) copy them into the box provided. Be sure to copy the formatting below. 

A) Create a file with all ASINs listed in column A, one per line. Do not add headings or any other data. 

Click 'Choose File' and upload the file you just created. Click 'Analyze ASINs' to start searching.


B) Copy a list of ASINs into the box. Ensure that they are listed one per line, then click 'Analyze ASINs'.

3. ASINspector will then display data for the products corresponding to the ASINs you entered.