This tool is incredibly useful for those who've purchased a large quantity of wholesale products (overstock, pallet buys, etc). Using the UPC codes or ASINs provided to you by the wholesaler, you can find out the cost, quantity, and description of the product that corresponds to each code. 

This is also a handy way to convert UPCs to ASINs. (Note: If you have ASINs for less than 1000 products, see How to import ASINs in bulk for a quicker way to search for this data.)

1. To use the Amazon Done For You tool, click the open box icon on the bottom toolbar.

2. Open the sample wholesale file for either UPCs or ASINs. 

Important! You must prepare your spreadsheet according to the following specifications. If the file is not set up correctly, this tool will not work. We recommend that you simply copy your data into the sample file as described below.

3. In the sample wholesale spreadsheet, simply enter all ASINs (or all UPCs) into column A and leave the headings as they are. You can enter ASINs/UPC codes for up to 10,000 products. Save the file when you're done.

4. Enter your email address and then click the button to select the Excel file that you just created. 

Please allow up to two hours to for the file to be processed. Once it is done, the results will be sent back to your email!