The mobile UPC barcode scanner allows you to find data on interesting products that you find while shopping in physical stores. All you have to do is take a photo of a product's barcode. The barcode scanner will search Amazon for the corresponding UPC code . If the product is listed on Amazon, you will be able to go to its Amazon product page and use ASINspector to find data on the product.

Part 1 - Using the barcode scanner on your mobile device

1. Open an internet browser on your tablet or phone and then go to

2. Make note of the masterkey code that you are given by writing it down, taking a screenshot, or whatever is easiest for you.  You will receive a new code each time you open the scanner and the code will be associated with all the images you capture while the scanner is open. 

3. Click the "Scan barcode" button and your device's camera should open. Take a clear picture of the barcode and then wait a moment while the scanner searches for the UPC code on Amazon.

Note: For best results, take the picture in portrait mode with the barcode taking up approximately 50% of the screen. Example below.

The scanner will immediately let you know if the product is on Amazon. If it is not, you will see the following message. 

Please note that if the scanner was not able to read the barcode, you may get the following error message. In this case, you may want to try taking the picture again. 

Part 2 - Accessing saved barcodes in ASINspector

1. In ASINspector, click the barcode icon in the bottom toolbar. 


2. Now, you will need the masterkey that you saved earlier. Enter the masterkey and then click "Add to list". 

3. To retrieve the list of products that you have scanned, click on the magnifying glass icon. 

4. From this screen, you can do further research on one product or all the products in the list.

To go to the product's page on Amazon, click on the product name. 

To find data on all products in the list, click "Open products on ASINspector Pro".